Art My Place with a selection of our collection in Dibond, Plexiglas & Double Plexiglas Mounting at the fifth anniversary edition of "Labelle - Creative Talents Exhibition 2012" on Saturday 24th of November @ l'Arsenal in Brussels.

Art My Place is a Belgian micropublishing house, specialized in limited edition art photography, founded in 2011 by three young photography aficionados. Our core target is to present you with a careful selection of works from extraordinary artists at reasonable prices.

Born from weariness of stumbling upon the same tired clichés upon walls and spare spaces, we wanted to develop a company with a very simple and elegant aim: providing a platform of largely unknown photographic art to young amateurs and seasoned art collectors alike.

The promotion of our artists’ work and the production of high-quality prints in professional laboratories are at the heart of Art My Place’s activities. The works are produced on different supports like Dibond (aluminium), Plexiglas and as a mounted print on double Plexiglas. We intend to democratize the process of sales for our works: the price of each art piece is determined by its size and support, not by the artist’s name or pricing record. Far removed from gallery fees, we are thus able to offer a real chance for artistic and emotive discoveries to anyone who might be susceptible of cultivating a keen interest in art photography.