Available formats

"Stamp" "Vignette" "Focus" "Contrast" "Exposure"
40x50, 50x40 40x60, 45x60, 60x40, 60x60 60x90, 60x80, 90x60, 80x80 80x120, 90x120, 120x80, 100x100 100x150, 112,5x150, 150x100
All format lenghts indicated are in centimeters.

Available finish


Dibond™ Print

Dibond™ is an Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) or a 4mm sandwich panel that consists of two thin aluminium sheets bound to a Polyethylene core. This high quality material is used for fine art prints by all professional photographers. The high stability at low weight is important for portability and the Super Satin printing finish gives the photograph an outstanding matt and glossy contrast effect. A stable wall hanger is fixed at the back.




Plexiglas™ Print

Plexiglas™ is a transparent thermoplastic, a 5mm lightweight and shatter-resistant alternative to glass. As the favorite material of many interior designers, it is particularly suitable for creating lighting moods and it gives the photograph an added dimensional effect with a Glossy printing finish. A stable wall hanger is fixed at the back.




Double Plexiglas™ Mounting

The best possible execution in matters of professional photography mounting, the picture is printed on real analog photography paper by RGB laser technology. It is then mounted in between two coats of 3mm Plexiglas with an optically transparent adhesive and an aluminum “U”-shaped suspension frame at the back.




Black Aluminium Frame

A high quality print on Kodak™ Royal Digital Paper, paired with a black aluminium 40x50cm frame with a 30x40cm white mat (of 1,7mm acid-free recycled fiber) and float glass. The back is MDF E1 3mm and has two existing fixtures for comfortable hanging in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Compact, easy and beautiful.