Riccardo Mantero

Jamal El Fna

Jamal El Fna

Jamal El Fna

Every afternoon, in Marrakech, Morocco, the square called Jamal El Fna, animates itself with a curious and various crowd; people are offering and buying food, entertainment, curiosities, toys and souvenirs. The scene is shot from a terrace, where at sunset, Riccardo was drinking a tea while waiting for the correct light. The long exposition helped him to capture the trails of the frantic people moving through the stands. Only few are standing firm in their places.

About the artist Riccardo Mantero

Traveller, never a tourist. Travelling and learning other cultures and places is the real meaning of life, and life itself is a travel. Always fascinated by the world of imagery and photography (Riccardo got his first camera at 7 years), Riccardo has decided to get serious when the DSLR were mature to let him express what he sees when he travels and how he wants to show it. His shots are basically and mainly oriented in showing either oniric and ideal landscapes (which he calls dreamscapes) either various antropologic moments and expressions, the two subjects he loves more. His goal is to become a highly specialized travel photographer.

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