Summer Meets Winter

Summer Meets Winter

Summer Meets Winter

Now, what's this in the middle of the Swedish summer heat? Who chooses voluntarily to wear an outfit adjusted to the wintry cold and spend the day playing on ice? Actually every year thousands of boys (and a few girls) attend the many different ice hockey schools acknowledged by the Swedish Ice Hockey Association. This very "vintage" scene from the early '70s shows the clash between summer and winter - and maybe it could even symbolize the dichotomy between sexes. The girls seem bewildered by the boys' attire and even slightly engrossed by their bravado. But the players-to-be are still immune to this spectacle, with their eyes fixed solely on the prize, or in this case, the puck.

About the artist MEMENTO

Under the appropriately named collective ‘Memento’, Art My Place is proud to introduce a collection of historical works by (often deliberately) anonymous artists. These photographs have been carefully selected by our team to represent a by-gone era, harking back to very different times and places, yet still with an unmistakable presence and recognizable situations. Each month we will add a new find to this series.



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