Frédéric Demeuse



Engaged photographer and naturalist with background in Ornithology and Ethology, specialized in nature photography, wildlife and press photography.

He grew up next to the Sonian forest, one of the biggest peri-urban forest at the door of the European capital, Brussels, where he still lives.

Passionate about wildlife and the last wildplaces, Natural History and the diversity of life worldwide, he nonetheless accords a great importance of being aware of the importance of the beauty of the nature just next door.

Motivated by a strong environmental awareness he is working on several projects in Europe and other continents to witness the beauty and fragility of life to which he pays tribute through the image, with a predilection for well preserved forest ecosystems.

He is the author of the photographs of several books about the nature of his country. His last book “La forêt en Belgique- The forest in Belgium” was published in French by the editor Racine and Lannoo for the Dutch version.

Many of his photographic works of great sensitivity  received awards in the most prestigious international photography competitions, including International Festival of Montier-en-der, Asferico Photocontest , Festival Nature Namur, BioPhotoContest,… And in 2010 one of its picture received the first prize in the category ' In Praise of Plants of Fungi ' at the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

His photographs are frequently used by various international institutions and are regularly published for editorial use in magazines and newspapers worldwide.

He also shares his passion of photography in Workshops organized in the Museum of Natural Sciences of Brussels.

More than ever he considers photography as a subtle blend of art and science.

It is the support he has chosen to express his admiration for this essential nature.  Through his work and commitment Frédéric strives to awaken the public to the beauty and richness of the natural world.